The Importance of Corporate Wellness

Wellness is not simply being free of illness. The focus of wellness is to maintain the body in its best possible state: physically, mentally and emotionally. Although this is obviously desirable, it is not easily achieved because of the negative impact of many modern working conditions and lifestyles.

The development of Corporate Wellness Schemes is essential for promoting healthy activities both inside and outside the workplace. Employers and state agencies across the country are being forced to play a more active role in managing the UK’s present health crisis and such schemes send an important message to staff that the employer genuinely cares about the health and wellbeing of their staff.  Wellness schemes are powerful tools for attracting and maintaining the best workers in addition to helping any individual suffering from work related stress issues.

For companies that lack suitable on-site facilities @thestudio offers highly effective personal training programmes with exclusive use of our fully equipped studio space.

Operating in a private and exclusive boutique gym in central Bath, our Corporate Wellness Programme is specifically designed to cater for the Bath business market.  No waiting times and modern shower facilities ensure a quick, hassle-free workout just a short distance from the workplace.

The nature of our Corporate Wellness Packages depends on the size and needs of the workforce and can be tailored appropriately.  To learn more about the packages available and arrange a consultation with no obligation, please contact Myowny Gordon PT @thestudio on 07908864360 or email: