“As someone whose day-to-day job primarily involves sitting in front of a computer screen or in meetings, I’d noticed that my level of fitness was on the decline.  I’d tried the usual remedies – gym membership (I would find any excuse not to go), running at lunchtimes (again – a little rain and I’d find an excuse…).

So when I started doing one-to-one PT sessions at The Studio Bath, I was sceptical as to how it would work out.  Suffice to say, six months later I haven’t looked back.  I feel fitter, healthier, more energised – I could go on.

Myowny seems to have an inbuilt ability of knowing just how far to push you, so that you feel you’ve really accomplished something in each session.   Basically, I come out of them exhausted but exhilarated –  ready to face the world again.  Her PT sessions are wonderfully varied, and she’s always open to concentrate on a particular area if that’s what you want.

I haven’t missed a single session in six months – there is something addictive about knowing you have individual access to a boutique gym space in central Bath, excuses go out of the window.”

Matt Nation – Director Of Operations, Verhoef Training, Bath.